GovCon Services - Commercial

Contracts/Subcontracts Support

We provide comprehensive contracts and subcontracts support to allow companies to focus on winning new work and executing projects.  We bring industry best practices by utilizing consultants who have experience across both large and small businesses and across a wide range of customer agencies.  Our areas of contracts/subcontracts support include:

Contract review and compliance support

Review industry agreements such as NDAs, TAs, subcontracts, and purchase orders

Contract brief development and maintenance

Subcontract/Consultant agreement development, negotiation, administration and tracking

Purchase Order development/administration

Establishment of contract on-line file system

Contract funding level tracking and reporting

Contract/Subcontract closeout


Proposal Support

Our proposal support includes all necessary components to ensure that a proposal is compliant and successful.  It includes the full spectrum of support from RFI response development to developing a BAFO compliant proposal.  Starting out with the compliance matrix and the volume outlines, we help ensure compliance.  Concurrently, we help develop win themes and consistent messaging.  Then we gather input from internal staff and teaming partners and coordinate reviews, including various color teams, and culminate comments.  Our support includes editor, graphics, and production support.  Our areas of proposal support include:

RFP review for terms and conditions interpretation and question development

Compliance matrix/proposal outlines development

Win themes development coordination

Subcontractor RFP development/coordination

Editing support

Proposal review support

Management section writing support

Graphics support

Production support

Pricing/Cost Proposal Support

Our consultants have significant experience in pricing complicated proposals.  From developing proposal specific indirect rates to pricing tables phased over contract and fiscal years, our consultants have seen and priced a broad spectrum of RFPs.  They bring financial and compliance expertise, coupled with best practices, to allow for a compelling and clear proposal.  Our areas of cost proposal/pricing support include: 

RFP review for terms and conditions interpretation and compliance

Development of cost proposal, cost buildup, and estimating model

Proposal specific indirect rate development

Industry pricing analysis and strategy development

Reps and Certs assistance

Small Business Subcontracting Plan development

Total Compensation plan development

Subcontractor pricing analysis